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How far would you go to bring about justice?

Young Lainey Wolfe goes all the way when she joins

con artists to avenge the blackmail

of an older wealthy woman.

In 1962 Miami there is an atmosphere of contention when Cuban political refugees, wealthy Jewish east-coasters, and a devil-may-care attitude saturate the city.

Lainey joins con artists with good intentions to bring justice for her friend. But an internal conflict arises as Lainey battles her moral compass

when she engages in a con game.

She meets a police officer investigating the con artists and his persistence to protect Lainey 

throws her off her game.

Lainey walks a tightrope in her determination to right a wrong that happened 20 years ago.


Heaven Bound in a Hollywood World

Listening to messages from the media...

messages from others silently telling us who we should be can cause us to compromise our identity

and destiny or fail to discover it.

What if you could become the person God created you to be and with a purpose in your future? You can. It starts with being honest and true...accepting who you are...being uniquely you and getting to know and trust God in the process.

Engage in and journal through a four-part challenge:

1. Change Your Reality - explore your beliefs

2. Change Your Identity - body, soul, and spirit

3. Change Your Community - importance of relationships

4. Change Your Story - commitment,

determination, and hopes

This is Frieda's only non-fiction book.





Hope and deliverance come from unexpected places when five friends living in post-Christian America win history's largest lottery.
Wilma Smith's windfall changes her plan to live on NASA's fabricated planet and the course
of an entire nation.


The New World

Kingdom of Heaven

A world facing impending disaster, with no apparent solution, challenges three former college friends to look to the future for answers.
But will the hidden agenda of a political organization, with roots so deep it would scare you, prevail?
(Currently out of print)

Why I write

Remember, reflect, dream...

My earliest writing hangs on my office wall. Shortly after I learned cursive writing I penned

a thankful poem about my father. My mother found it when he passed and because of it, 

I remember how much he loved me.

When I became a young woman, I wrote in journals, on scraps of paper, and on napkins. Reflections on growing up.

In reading them over, it gave me more understanding of our two sons as they grew into manhood.

As a co-owner of hair salons with my husband, 

I wrote technical manuals and marketing blurbs, penning our dreams and reminding us of goals.

In writing human interest articles for two local magazines over several years, it

gave reflection to the good things about our communities.

And dreaming is why I write novels.

I envision people and put them in situations where they always learn, grow, and change. 

My hope in sharing my writing is to inspire you to remember, reflect, and dream in your own life.

"What would life be if we had no courage
to attempt anything?"

Vincent VanGogh


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