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I publish my first post amidst a historic national crisis. Corona virus has spread through the entire world population. Words like social distancing and Covid-19 are now common phrases. Six months ago we didn't hear them spoken. Now they are a daily reality.

Many states have mandated the general population to STAY HOME.

My thoughts are:

1. What will we do when our homes are spotlessly clean?

2. How much munching before we tell ourselves to stop?

3. How soon before we are bored with games and television shows? And how much of the news can we stand?

Then, I believe we will tell stories about this historic event. We will write in journals, on Facebook, and those who write books will begin new projects.

This will leave it's mark in many ways. We will remember and some of us will change forever.

Personally, I'm thinking about the fabricated planet I dreamed up in "The New World Kingdom of Heaven". It could be put to good use in another story. And since it's currently out of print, I want to revive it. Give it new life and a new story.

But for now, I'm cleaning the basement, baking a Lemon Cake, planning on playing Euchre later, and falling asleep while watching home make-over shows.

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