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The Plot

There was a King who owned everything. He had children who lived abundantly in His kingdom. They happily did what they could to increase the abundance of his kingdom. In return, he provided everything for them. He told them everything He had belonged to them. He only asked one thing of them. He asked them not to eat from one tree because it was poison. They would die if they ate the fruit of it and become separated from Him and the kingdom. This would serve as the evidence of the children’s continuing love for their King but it came with fatal consequences.

A villain quietly invaded the kingdom. He told the children they would not die if they ate the fruit of the tree. Instead, their wisdom would increase, and like him, they would be wiser than the King. At that moment, the children removed their eyes from the King’s love. They questioned the truth and believed the villain’s lies. They ate from the tree. When this happened, instantly the children became separated from the King to seek their own wisdom. The villain stole their hearts so they went with the villain to his kingdom.

They didn’t have the life the villain promised. He didn’t provide everything for them. He made them work, providing everything for themselves and he kept them in captivity. The villain told them this was how they would increase their wisdom, by their own effort. It was a hard life, full of pain, suffering, and mistrust. The children soon forgot how good they had it.

Their lives became drudgery. They were slaves to the villain, doing his will. If they became dissatisfied, the villain would allow them to experience something good. But the pleasure was only temporary. It always led back to being his slave.

This vicious cycle kept repeating itself until the King devised a way to bring His children home. He entered their world in disguise, became one of them, and told them how much he missed them and that he forgave them. He was with them for a while, telling about life in the kingdom they had forgotten. Created deep in their soul was a desire for the beautiful life they could have.

Some ignored him but many believed it was the King in spite of his disguise. They listened to what he said as he told them he would eventually destroy the villain’s world. They could return to His beautiful kingdom forever. But the opposite happened. The villain captured the King and had him killed. It looked as if he had been defeated. This crushed the hopes of His children.

Then a miracle happened. The King came to life. This happened in order to prove to his children he was more powerful, honest, and trustworthy than the villain. He walked with his children before he returned to his kingdom. He told them this miracle would be a promise to them and future generations that he would come to rescue them when the time was right. Then they never would be separated again. They could be with Him forever in the peaceful kingdom. This increased the desire deep within their soul and they were able to withstand the difficult life the villain imposed upon them. Hope was born again inside them. They encouraged each other and told many about the promise of the King. He had told them what it was like in his kingdom and they began to live that way even in their captivity. This was how their hope continued.

The King returned to His kingdom to wait for the time His children would join Him. But He sent pieces of Himself into the hearts of all His children to keep their hope alive. He told the children it would guide them in truth. When the villain tried to lie to them, they would know. This would protect the truth inside and the hope that they would return to their kingdom. They would continue to live in the villain’s world knowing one day it would be destroyed and they would return to living in the King’s kingdom. The King would love them forever and they would live happily ever after.

Excerpt from Heaven Bound in a Hollywood World, pg. 29 - 30

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